April 18, 2011

Seduction leads to destruction

I've challenged myself to type this post in less than 10 minutes so that I can go back to giving my 100% attention to Khang. I don't know why but usually my posts take me over half an hour to write. This kind of thing doesn't come very naturally to me I suppose.

Anyway! I went to DFO Jindalee with Sandra, Adrii, Salina and Alice today and my life feels so complete after buying so many rings from Diva. Everything there was 20 pieces for $10 /faints. Here's a collective photo of what all of us got. By the way, half of these photos were scabbed from Alice the ugly so yeah, thanks if you're reading.

All of the girls managed to buy so much with so little it was amazing. They were all carrying about five bags each and I was just chillin' with everything stuffed into one bag. I spent all of my money and I only ended up with a bunch of rings, a fleece varsity jacket for Khang (hopefully it fits) and singlet :( Alice got so much stuff and had the same amount of money as me asjdhasdjealous.

If anybody was wondering, both of the things I bought were from Cotton On.

Sorry for the quality of the photos by the way. My sister has the sd card for my camera at the moment and I'm too lazy to ask her to bring it to me.

So yeah, It was a pretty good day in general minus the bitchy bus driver in the afternoon. I asked him if the bus went back to the city and he told me to look at the front of the bus. I don't see why he couldn't have just said yes rather than making me walk into the pouring rain just to see ugh way to wreck a good day.

Have a great evening and damn it, I wrote this post in 13 minutes. So close yet so far :(


Melody said...

That's such a good deal @__@
I wantttttt <3

Gillian said...

Wowww. How much did you bring? :O

h.tea said...

I absolutely hate it when bus drivers do that :@


Yak Man said...

WOW, that is so freaking cheap I want that too @_@

che said...

Wow that is a lot of shopping and RINGS! Can't wait to see what you got individually!

Anita said...


Anonymous said...

which store did you buy the varsity jacket from?

renaface. said...

since you said you typed it quickly , i automatically read it really really fast in my head .