April 15, 2011


From left to right: Lovisa gem ring (for Linda), Lovisa cluster ring (for Sandra), fox ring from eBay and pinky ring from Silver city.

I'm beginning to love rings very dearly and after the photos Khang took for me today, I've realised that I have really gross looking hands. You can still see the last pieces of nude nail polish on some of my fingers oops.

I went for a group interview at Supre this morning and there was only two other girls with me. Not only were they gorgeous, they were also in uni and had heaps of work experience. Naturally I was intimidated but I was actually pretty lucky I chose the 11am session because apparently the other ones had something like 10+ people attending them. I think I did alright considering it was my first interview. Just thinking back on it now though I realised I said some pretty silly stuff ugh /face desk.

They asked me what I wouldn't be able to live without if I was stranded on an island.

I said I wouldn't be able to live without another person. Legitimate enough! Until I for some reason blurted out it was because I was really dependent.. zzz yeah that was probably my biggest downfall but everything else was really chill.

Ally blazer and bandeau, Supre sheer singlet, Sportsgirl bag, wrist candy from Cotton On and Diva.

Alice, Dora and Adrii are coming over to my house tomorrow so that I can do their hair. This is so exciting. I'm planning to bleach my hair just a tad lighter. Alice is planning to go full on golden blonde. Dora is planning to get a blonde streak or some highlights here and there depending on what I can do. Hopefully everything will go well and neither of them will kick me in the face for screwing up their hair.

Have a wonderful night!


Melody said...

Ahhh. I'm sure you did fine for your interviewwww <3 ! Don't stress :)

and so are your hands <3

yiqin; said...

fierce rings <3

Anita said...

Love the rings :}

Mellu said...

Amazing rings!