April 21, 2011


A few weeks ago, some friends and I ordered stuff off http://lovelyshoes.net. The package just arrived today so I thought that I should do a review.

11 items (10 pairs of shoes and one bag): US $ 147.66
Shipping: US $100.28
Total: US $247.94

Packaging: Each individual shoe had a plastic packet to protect them. All the shoes were stuffed into the box together but only one or two pairs had dents in them.

Shipping: Obviously a bit pricey as you can tell from the information above. I didn't really mind that much since it ended up being something around $10/pair. The shipping was pretty quick! The package was prepared, shipped and arrived in less than a fortnight. They also supply you with a tracking number so you can check where your package is whenever you like.

Quality: I'm actually really surprised with the quality. All of the zips work perfectly. The heels are sturdy. The bows are in tip top shape. The only problem with some of them was that the glue was visible. It doesn't really matter though because it's so little that you wouldn't notice it unless you were to grab the shoe and actually inspect it for a few minutes. Another surprise was the size of the shoes. In a good way though! From some past reviews I've read, people said that the sizing was a centimeter or two off but for the pair of wedges I got, they fit perfectly!

Overall: Really good value for money and I'd definitely order again!

Here's the pair of wedges I got from the site. Originally I got them to wear with my semi dress but they didn't suit as much as I thought they would so that was a little disappointing. Nonetheless they're really nice and comfortable. The only problem is that I'd probably be taller than Khang in these ha. Click here to see them on the site.

Sandra, Linda and Thu were nice enough to let me take their shoes out of the plastic wrap so that I could take photos for this post so here they are. Click on the numbers to see the shoes on the site (from left to right) [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ]


shannanj said...

lovely buys

Anita said...

Asdfghjkl, I love the wedges!

emoline said...

Omgg so cheap !
Makes ke wanna but some too :D

che said...

I'm skeptical about ordering from that site but I really like the wedges you got. They remind me of the Topshop "Wisteria" wedges. I'd love to see how they look on.

Julie said...

Oh wow! The shoes look great! I've been itching to purchase from lovely shoes in a while but wasnt sure if the shipping and quality would be worth it. I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing some shoes now :-)

Anonymous said...

the shoes look amazing :3 !

Michelle Lee See said...


Fern Li said...

Omg...thats so cheap!! @@
And they look pretty too! I need to get more shoes~ == Matt owns more shoes than me *ashamed*

Pee' Tee said...