April 22, 2011

A little grey

Blazer from Ally, top from Dotti, high waisted shorts from Supre, silk wedges from lovelyshoes.net

I met up with Sandra this morning and we went to watch Fast and Furious 5. Everyone needs to go watch this movie. It has guys with defined abs, chicks with hot bodies and gorgeous cars. What more could you ask for? Okay no, but seriously. It was a really good action movie with some comedy chucked in as well. I'm now in the middle of a short term obsession with Sung Kang :3 ♥

After the movie we went to eat lunch at Max Brenner before going to take some photos near the Brisbane River. I'm really disappointed in myself for the photos I took today. There was probably 100+ and so many of them were over or under exposed asdjkasd how frustrating. Nonetheless, a few of them came out kind of nicely so I'll just chuck a few of them into the post now.

Before I go, here's a photo of my first proper attempt at a waterfall braid. I'm getting better, kind of. Have a nice night :)


Cáti said...

Lovely :) gorgeous hair!


Natali said...

Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried using auto-colour, auto-tone, auto-contrast in photoshop? It normally reverts the picture to its original image (approx. what you see in real life). There, you can alter the curves, levels, saturation, etc. to what you prefer.

... uuh I hope this helps :3

LoveE ♥ said...

The photos are amazing, too bad most of them didn't turn out, and love your hair!!!

SO glad I came across your blog, I absolutely love it! Shall we follow each other? :)

terriela said...
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terriela said...

I love your shoes and her hair ! I'm so jealous because my hair hasn't been growing for about a year now..

Julie said...

You always take nice photos! :)
I'm so jealous because I don't have a good hand for cameras! ><

Sick by Trend said...

beautiful outfit and view honey! I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




Anonymous said...

OH MY FUCKING GOD! You didn't know who Karl Lagerfeld was???!!! If you post outfit posts, then it obviously means you think you have a good sense of style/you like fashion. But if you don't even know Karl Lagerfeld then don't even say you know/are interested in fashion!!!

h.tea said...

Ngawww, I still can't get over how pretty Dora is :)

I like the way you dress :)! So sophisticated :D

Fern Li said...

^ who is Karl Lagerfeld..?? lol his name sounds familiar like hes apart of Chanel or something i dunno. :L

Sandra is so pretty!!! and i love the braid :D

Florence said...

gorgeous hair