June 30, 2013

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 05

Nooooo! I can't believe that I only have two and a half days left in Melbourne :-( 

Jason screwed up his sleeping cycle so we didn't get out of the apartment until about 2pm this afternoon. We headed to DFO South Wharf and did some of the most efficient shopping I've ever done in my life. Shopping with a guy is so much easier because they don't feel the need to linger around in stores for no reason. Not to mention that they hold all of your stuff :P We did two laps of the place in less than an hour and a half!

Crazy gigantic macarons from Cafe Piccolo - 4 for $10.00

Chocolate, vanilla and bubblegum - such a shame they tasted no where as good as they looked

I've been after some contrast panel jeans for so long! $10 each from Cotton On 

$10 combat boots from Dotti - matchy matchy with Alice! 

$30 Stussy wolf knit from Front House

After DFO we took a quick break before heading to TGI Friday's. I absolutely loved everything about the restaurant!! The food was amazing, the atmosphere was welcoming and the service went above and beyond like you wouldn't believe. 

Passed this place on the way and took a photo for Adrii

Gigantic bar in the middle of the restaurant

Lights of Havana and chocolate fudge thickshake 

Friday's three for all and chicken fingers with cheddar cheese mash 


Grabbed some Pappa Roti bread on the way home and fell in love

Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend and have a fantastic week! xo, s. 

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Tharangni Sivaji said...

I loveeeee those macaroons and those trousers + boots lol! :D