June 28, 2013

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 03

Hi lovelies! We started this morning with brunch at Silo by Joost. Originally we wanted to eat right across the street at Hardware Societe but there was a waiting period of half an hour so..... yeah. 

Skinny mocha and cappuccino 

Coddled egg on toast

After brunch we made another stop at Giraffe Cafe again so that Aileen could see what it was like. I tried one of their dessert this time and the serving of creme brulee is huge compared to the one you get at Freestyle! A bit of a shame that the bottom was just like custard though. 

By Aileen the future professional couple photographer 

We eventually made our way to the Queen Victoria markets and I was so angry omfg. If you've noticed the massive black fluff I've been wearing in the majority of my latest posts, I bought it for $70 from Dissh after debating whether to get it or not for almost half a year. I finally bought it just a week before I left for Melbourne and then today one of the stalls had the EXACT SAME THING for literally half the price. I made myself feel better and ended up buying a grey and black version :'( 


Aileen had to leave after the markets to meet with some friends so Jason and I made our way to Melbourne Aquarium! It was kind of disappointing because the admission fare was almost $30 and it was quite small but the fish were actually really unique. There was this one fish that was longer than Jason's height but I didn't take a photo because it didn't justify how big it looked in real life ;_;

And that was pretty much the end of our day! We tried to go out and eat dinner but once again, the restaurant we wanted to eat at closed earlier than we expected it to. I'll leave you guys here and hope you all have a great weekend! xo, s. 

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