June 27, 2013

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 02

I walked around so much today I swear my legs could drop off at any moment. Luckily for you guys this means that I have a lot of stuff to show you. We jumped around from place to place quite quickly so excuse me for the lack of organisation in this post. Also, I'd like to thank all of you lovely people that sent me suggestions of places to go in the CBD after my last post. We headed in the general direction of the majority of your suggestions and ended up having a really enjoyable day :') 

We started off the day by heading off to Giraffe Cafe and I absolutely loved everything about it!! It was the best possible start to our day after yesterday's disaster. The interior reminded me of all the adorable cafes I visited in Korea - so cosy and charming. We were greeted by a kind korean lady before ordering the mushroom soup with bread and a cheesecake blend drink.

I have the worst memory of what we did after but we either went to Melbourne Central, Bourke Street Mall or Southbank. Either way I'll give you guys photos of all three right now because there is no chance that I'll be able to remember at this time haha! 

Melbourne Central

Pancake Parlour 

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Belgium waffles with ice cream and adorable little macarons 

Milk chocolate frappe 

Jason and I walked past the window and got really confused before we remembered that rabbits were actually legal outside of QLD 

Phoenix rising bath boom from Lush 

Bought Nina a present so she can stop drinking her milk tea out of a water bottle 

Southbank / Southgate (not really sure of the difference or which is right)

We were actually on our way to the Eureka Skydeck but then Jason made me realise that I've been to buildings just as tall in Seoul so we turned around and walked back along the riverside instead. 

Flinders Street Station 

Street performer in Bourke Street Mall who just stayed in this position. I imagine that they'd have the best quads.

After all of the walking around we took a quick break back at the apartment before going out again to meet Aileen near Port Melbourne so her mum could drive us up to Chadstone. I was originally looking forward to spending a heap of money on new clothes but then ended up with only a stack of chocolates from Happy Lab :'( 

At this point our legs were already so tired but being the ferociously hungry people we are, we insisted on going back to the city to eat dinner and dessert. And so, we finished our exhausting day with Burger Urge and Harajuku Crepes.

Sorry to rush through everything so quickly but I just wanted to get this up before going to bed! I hope all of you are well and enjoying your week so far. xo, s.

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