June 26, 2013

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 01

I'm apologising in advance for disappointing any of you guys because this post is far from thrilling. 

I landed in Melbourne today after the worst flight where these three witches sitting behind me wouldn't stop cackling and kicking the back of my chair. Jason and I caught the Skybus service all the way back to the our apartment and settled in quickly. I'll upload proper photos of the apartment tomorrow because Jason is currently napping in the bedroom!

After an hour we ventured out into the CBD to look for somewhere to eat. I'm about 90% sure that it's just because of the area we're in but all of the food places kicked us out because their kitchens close at 3pm and open again at 6pm!!! We walked all over the place until we ended up at Spencer Outlet only to be disappointed with a crappy fake Japanese meal served by some rude employee. I cheered myself up by spending a bit of money on my dad to get him new cologne from Cosmetics Direct. He has the male equivalent of the Versace perfume Alice has now haha!

Katsu curry don covered in potato and carrot (??) 

Jason's ramen which literally tasted like a packet of instant noodles with 10 additional tablespoons of salt

We ended our adventure with a trip to Coles so that we could stock up on $35 worth of snacks and frozen foods to eat back at the apartment for the next week. So unbelievably unhealthy but with the fact that neither of us can cook any legitimate meals..... it's the best we can do :(

Also bought some milk, juice and ice cream 

Despite the disappointing day we had, I really do like Melbourne so far. I imagine New York looks a lot like what I've seen here so far. We're heading to Chadstone with Aileen tomorrow afternoon so hopefully things will get way better from here on in. 

I highly doubt anything else is going to happen tonight so I'll leave you here with a few extra photos!

I hope all of you are well and rugged up! xo, s.

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