July 1, 2013

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 06

Hi lovelies! Jason and I finally did some proper(ish) sightseeing and went to Melbourne Zoo. Just a quick photo and caption update for today because Jason won't teach me how to say xiao long bao properly and it's annoying me :( 

Lost so much weight!!!!!!!! (in Jason's jeans) 

Face for the day 

Pre-dinner dessert at Pancake Parlour

Home made lemon ice tea

Alice in wonderland pancakes 

Actual dinner at Shanghai Street. 15 fried pork dumplings! 

Crispy chicken and rice

Xiao long bao goaisdhaoishdoaihs LOL HOW DO I SAY IT FML

Hope all of you had a great start to your week! xo, s. 

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