June 19, 2013

Photo & caption update XIX

Hello hello helloooooo! I have finally finished all of my uni finals and am happily enjoying the beginning of a 5 week holiday. Which reminds me, if you haven't seen my tweets already, Jason and I are heading to Melbourne in exactly a week and would appreciate any tips! Places to go, best ways to get around - absolutely anything. Leave me a message in my ask.fm or comments if you're feeling a little helpful :)

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos from everywhere.

Jiwon took us to a new Korean place we hadn't been to before for dinner 

Lemon lime and bitters


Spicy calamari bibimbap 

Chicken gyoza and takoyaki

Passion Tree's chocolate fondue 

Milk chocolate dip, dark chocolate dip, cookies and cream ice cream, green tea ice cream, strawberries, strawberry ice cream, financiers and banana bread

Picked up a bunch of products from Bloom at DFO today 

Today's very exhausted face

All time favourite dish from Madtongsan: #32

Printed some canvas bags a while ago and managed to give myself a big nasty burn in the process

Ankle boots from Boohoo

Finally got around to getting eyelash extensions. I got them done by Hot Stuff Beauty at Fortitude Valley for $45. The lady used clusters of lashes instead of individual ones so it only took half an hour to get them put on. I asked for a mix of 10mm and 12mm lashes with a couple of extra 12mm clusters stacked up on the end for a bit of extra volume.

My only complaint is that you can see the glue and that 1 or 2 clusters fell off in the first couple of hours but other than that I'm completely happy! They're kind of a pain in the ass already because it's so hard to wash my face with them but they're worth it because they make my morning makeup routine so much easier. I'm kind of scared about the glue after the lashes fall off but I'm hoping it'll come off easily without too much damage to my lashes. Will keep you guys updated throughout the following weeks :)

Hope all of you are well and are having a fantastic week. xo, s.


Vivian Nguyen said...

Probably shouldn't have read your blog post while being hungry! Also, the lashes look really good on you :) Not sure if you've tried Crazy Wings in Melbourne yet, but if you haven't you should - I took a bite of it and tears just fell down my face haha. Hope you have fun in Melbourne!

Tharangni Sivaji said...

i love all your posts!! the food, places and people make me want to visit your blog more often! :D
and your face doesn't exhausted at all in that photo!!! :D