June 10, 2013

Photo & caption update XVIII

Been a while since you've seen one of these, hey? I can't sleep and there's no possibility of me studying at this time so here's a recap of everything that's been going on. I hope everybody is okay and mentally stable through out this exam period :( Good luck to you all!

Blouse from eBay, DIY print tote, oxfords from Korea

Left: Flats and infinity scarf from eBay, pants from Just Jeans, Belt from Sportgirl, cardigan from Sammydress, blouse from asia-fashion-wholesale. Right: blouse from Valleygirl, cardigan from Cotton On.

Expression to reflect my exhaustion. Stupidly worked four hours on the same day of my first university exam. Cardigan, top and belt from Supre, infinity scarf from eBay, belt from Dotti. 
Top from Dotti, jeans from Just Jeans, watch from Fossil

Dinner from Peony 

Passion Tree fondue

Weekly Tuesday feasts with Jason

DIY froyo from Nominom

Adrii's drawing she did while crashing my economics tutorial 

Nachos from Wordsmiths and snacks all day everyday 

Karaage box from Himawari and obento boxes from Wagaya 

The number of times per week I eat these chips is ridiculous
No more double churros :( 

Traditional bread and butter pudding, raspberry dumplings and cappuccino from Freestyle  

Xo, s. 

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Natali said...

yeah..this time is about studying and studying. so fighting!