April 2, 2012

Contact lens review for Max Series - Pure Brown


Today I'll be reviewing another amazing pair of lenses from the Pure series! If you're wanting to see the (fairly old) review I did on the pure grey then click here.

The pure brown are available in 14.0mm, 14.5mm and 15.0mm from Mukuchu but the ones I'm reviewing are 14.5mm. I've loved them from the moment I first wore them and I can confidently say that they're my favourite lens when it comes to needing a natural enlargement. Before I start showing the review photos, I need to apologise for the state of my skin; it's been pretty bad since my block exams :(

Comparison photo under white light

Pure brown after white light

Side view of white light

Pure brown under ring light

Size - 10/10: The 14.5mm provides a perfect enlargement that that goes well with light makeup whilst also being able to balance out heavier make up if required. I wore these lenses to my semi formal and they helped to balance out the eyeliner, mascara and false lashes I had on without making me look possessed. It's kind of difficult to tell how natural they are from these photos so here are two from the night of my semi formal from a further distance.

Design - 10/10: I don't have much to say except that the border is subtle yet noticeable and that the design blends in almost seamlessly to your natural eye.

Colour - 10/10: I love how vibrant these lenses are. They're a couple of tones lighter than my real eye colour so it helps to add some depth.

Have a great week guys! ♥

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Ice Pandora said...

Oh pretty gif. image c:
Love the eyeliner!
Also adore your pink