March 31, 2012


This break has been waiting too long for me. I can hardly describe how good it is knowing that I have two weeks of freedom and relaxation time -rolls around-. To be honest I don't really feel as though I deserve this break because my results from term 1 so far are nothing short of disappointing. I somehow managed to dropped a full grade in about two of my subjects and my goal of topping health again this year seems further off than I thought now zzz.

Nonetheless, thank you to everybody for being so patient with the ridiculously long periods in between each post on srhtrng but look forward to more during this amazing fortnight!

Hope all of you are well and that you have a lovely weekend ♥

p.s/I'll be dying my hair a more chocolatey shade of brown soon!

1 comment :

Melody said...

For some reason I thought you wrote you were gonna dye your hair pink. Sign that I should be sleeping ;A; !

Also, good luck with study! POWER THROUGH it and you should be able to pick it up again :) <3