April 12, 2012

Dinner with Melly

Blogging three days in a row! This has to be some kind of new record for me, eh? I went to Carindale Westfield after work today for dinner with Jason, Melisa and Ly. The new expansion is BEAUTIFUL. Everything is so well done and crafted it actually made me say 'whoaaaaaa'. Sorry Chermside, I have a new shopping centre now.

We went to have dinner at Guzman y Gomez and it wasn't that great to be honest. My nachos were drowned in beans and they we're all soggy :( At least the chicken and drinks were nice.

Mexican soft drinks. They were so nice because they had that fizzy feel but as soon as you swallowed it, the fizz disappeared so it didn't burn your throat like regular soft drinks would.

After that, we all went to Chocolate Pavilion for dessert. It's kind of like Max Brenner but with a lot more drinks; more expensive dishes and more interesting chocolate combinations. I can't remember exactly what we ordered but Melisa and I ordered a triple chocolate truffle parfait and a chocolate sushi taste set.

On the left is our parfait and on the right is Melisa's drink. I think it was a frappe with peanut butter, banana and caramel.

If you do happen to go to Chocolate Pavilion, don't order this. When I read 'sushi' I was picturing caramel wrapped up in a thin sheet of chocolate to actually resemble a piece of sushi but yeah.. This uses actual rice and the whole texture and taste just doesn't blend in well together. The green tea ice cream was really bitter as well according to Melisa and Jason.

I'll just leave you guys with some photos to end this post.

Sweet dreams! ♥


stephanie. said...

I saw the rice in the 'sushi' and knew that it wasn't going to be a good meal. Oh dear, hopefully the delicious parfait made up for it!

Melody said...

Is it really weird that when I was reading this, I could smell chocolate ..out of no where?

But anywayyyy, the Mexican soft drinks look so cute *_*

aileenzhang said...

Chocolate Pavillion seems like a lovely place and the chocolate drinks look delicious!

Awww you and Melisa look amazing ♥

Anonymous said...

First time leaving a comment :c always been a silent reader but you all look so good ^o^ The triple chocolate truffle parfait looks so amazing <3

Texas Food Handlers said...

Looks like an interesting evening. I did have a doubt on that sushi. The Mexican softdrinks looks really fruity and cute. Hope the chocolate drinks made up the evening.