April 4, 2012

Tyson appreciation

I honestly cannot wait until the end of the year. In case some of you haven't heard already, I'm going to Korea and Taiwan with Alice, Sandra and Sophia to celebrate instead of going to schoolies YEW! We went to the travel agents today and the total price of flights and accommodation was so much cheaper than I expected /sparkly.

While Alice was looking at this map, she was pointing at Canada and asking where Taipei was.

After we got our quotes, we went to have brunch at the Coffee Club before going to Adrii's place to watch Shutter Island and play with her adorable cat. I shared a plate of french toast at the Coffee Club and wow, eating with Alice is like eating with a five year old. Her half of the table was covered with drips of maple syrup and a piece of bacon that she somehow managed to drop on the floor.

Sandra's shatter nail polish

Alice's eye started swelling because of the dust at Adrii's house so this was her solution.

There's not really much left to say so I'll just leave all of you with the bundle of adorable that is Tyson. HE IS PERFECTION. Hope all of you have a lovely night!


Julie said...

Aw you're so lucky you're going Korea! Wah :( I'm jealous haha

M.May said...

Tyson's tail in the first gif is the cutest ever!!

stephanie. said...

tyson is so adorable and looks very cuddly

Laura-May said...

your cat is soooooo cute <3

Melody said...

But ahhh, I wish I had done something after I finished Year 12 looll. But no, I just stayed home and rolled around like a lazypoop~

Anonymous said...

what breed is tyson? he is beautiful <3