April 21, 2012

My favourite pieces

Hi dollies! Sorry for this post being so overdue but this week has pretty much been me regretting the fact that I refused to touch ANY of my assignments over the holidays. I know a couple of you requested my favourite outfits but I actually don't have any particular ones so here's just some of my favourite pieces of clothing from my wardrobe.

I've worn these two skirts more than anything I've ever owned in my life. They're both from Supre and the fact that you can virtually wear anything with them just makes them a basic necessity for me.

This is one of the first blazers that I owned. Purchased on Ally. It actually looks odd if I don't roll up the sleeves but that doesn't really matter since it's a light weight jacket anyway.

Little black dress that I got for a steal price from the West End markets.

Obviously I'd wear this with a slip dress underneath. I know it looks kinda odd when it's on the hanger by itself but it's so lovely if you top it off with a belt! Purchased from Supre.

Ripped denim shorts from Supre. These bad boys were a part of a two for $30 sale ♥

Left: I have another three or four tops similar to this one but this is my favourite just because the finer details (pockets, buttons and sleeves) really do make a huge difference in aesthetics. Purchased from Dotti. Right: Another light weight blazer from Supre.

Left: Scallop hem top purchased from Dotti. Right: Contrasted collar chiffon blazer from Valleygirl ♥

Hope all of you are having a great weekend! xo


Fanny said...

love the chiffon blaze :3

Melody said...

Ooh pretty pretty clothes!
I ...also regret doing nothing in my break loll ;;