March 3, 2011


Hello hello. Just posting a short update today because I hate it when blogs I follow only update once a week well.. yeah I didn't wanna be a hypocrite :)

I love GOMA so much in words I cannot explain. I've been twice in the last fortnight for class excursions and it's really nice because it's not as crowded as it is on the weekends. I went down the massive slide and ran inside the balloon room which was one of the most entertaining things I've done in my life. All of us spent ages at the wish wall grabbing heaps of nice ones to give to friends. Some which included:
  • I wish that wishes came true
  • I wish I had a turtle and that there were no wars in the world
  • I wish that there was cheese on the moon
  • I wish I could explore the galaxy
  • I wish for good health (I'm tying this to my parent's arms)
  • I wish I could say whatever I wanted to
  • I wish my parents were immortal
  • I wish fish had wings

Khang took me to Max Brenner in the afternoon because I was in a really agro mood and he didn't wanna go to tutor. I swear, the chocolate there is so rich it could keep me happy for a week. The choc fudge sundae was so good asdasdhaskd. You guys must try it.

Ps. Incase some of you don't know yet. The next suitcase rummage is on this Sunday! I'll be selling some stuff (unless my mum decides not to let me go last minute) alongside with Evelyn, Alice, Dora and maybe Adrii :) Have a nice night.


Ice Pandora said...

Omgomg I want to dive in the balloons aswell :P haha
Nice brownies and Maltesers lookalikes <33 x

Saweiner said...

i like the turtle one srah D8

h.tea said...

The wish wall sounds so lovely and inspirational :)!

Ngaww, Khang is so sweet! I hope you're feeling better/less agro now :D!

gillynguyen said...

So many ballooooons *^* ehehhee

emoline said...

LOLLL omg how many do you have of those ribbons !!! i thought i had heaps for taking 5


Anonymous said...

<3 your blog! ^__^

Miss. P

MOON said...

That's a lot of balloons XD

Melody said...

Max Brenner is loveeeee *-* I haven't been for awhile ..hmmm...might force Vu to take me loololl :D

And noms, I sometimes update once a week ;A; CRIES. I try my best to update around every hmm ..3-4 days. So it's not too constant and not too late :S

Julie said...

Balloons and max brenners! Seems like fun! Especially all in one day :)

Fernroro said...

D: i dont update because lack of internet (which cant be an excuse anymore because i have it now)
or i have nothing to blog about/same thing happens every week.


"I wish fish had wings"
actually a long time ago, i was fishing with my dad and he caught one that had wings. @@"
i think its called a flying fish, don't remember but it had such colourful wings :D