March 10, 2011

DIY crystal bullet pendant

Inspired by and Unearthen

I was looking through the storage shelves during art today with Evelyn and came across these plastic gems which reminded of the crystal bullet necklaces that I'd been lusting after for a few weeks now. Here's a step by step guide with no pictures because I forgot to take any.

  • Thin and rectangular piece of imitation gem
  • Paint varnish(if the imitation gem isn't shiny already)
  • A small hallow cylinder big enough to fit a section of the gem in
  • Hot glue gun or super glue
  • Sturdy wire

  1. Make sure that part of the gem is thin enough to fit inside the metal cylinder. If it isn't, file part of it away using a hard object.
  2. Use the hot glue gun to fill up the cylinder slightly and place the gem as far in as you can/want to. Go around the area where the gem and the cylinder connect to make sure that the gem stays put.
  3. Get the wire and bend it to make a small loop. This is where you can put the chain through.
  4. Use the hot glue gun again to stick it in the other end of the cylinder
  5. If your gem isn't shiny and you want it to be, go over it with a thin layer of varnish. Now you're done!

It's not as nice as the ones on Unearthen obviously, but it's a pretty nice alternative if you wanna save a lot of cash. Be careful while you're making this because I was an idiot and burnt my finger with the hot glue gun :'(


h.tea said...

so pretty! I want to make my own necklaces now!

Vivian Nguyen said...

I've been wanting to make one too, just never got around to it :) But anyway, it looks really nice!

Jay. said...

oooh, pretty! too bad you didn't take photos D:

Julie said...

Omg! What a coincidience! I was looking at jess's blog the other day and wanted to make those bullet pendants too ^_^ The ones you made are lovely. I should give it a try someday!

TheFowlwithChanelSunglasses said...

So pretty! I don't know what it is but, I've been seeing suspenders and precious stones and crystals everywhere this year!


Miss. P

Fernroro said...

i remember me and my friends were buying materials and making necklaces one day..and then we realized that we could of just bought necklaces for cheaper >>"

but thats a nice idea! they look pretty!! :) now i want one~ hahahaha

Ice Pandora said...

-GASP- omggggg this is greatgreat idea!! I'm going to make one for myself :) thanksssss


KANI said...

such a creative idea :) i think they look brilliant!

pixelhazard said...

wow those are so splendiferous. Now i just need to figure out where i would aquire the parts

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