March 26, 2011

Rose vines

I went to SLQ with the girlies and Khang again to study/do assignments. We didn't really get much work done today because we were using the SLQ wifi and my mum's crazy old laggy laptop to search up attractive people (not creepy at all). I left with Khang at two to eat lunch and go spend some time with him since we've both been studying our heads off.

Suitcase Rummage blazer, Jeans West shorts, Alex's cuff bangle I stole off her a year ago during art class, rings from Target, Silver city and Lovisa.

I think this new outfit thing I'm starting is pretty handy. I'm usually really hesitant to post if I don't have any photos but yeah, I guess outfit photos give me an excuse to blabber on about my day. Hope everybody has a wonderful evening ♥


Melody said...

Love the blazer+shorts combo <3 And your ringsss! I hardly wear rings because I end up playing with them too much and dropping them :( /sad/


Julie said...

The colours in the rings are amazing. Your outfit also! :)

Yak Man said...

Aaah, lovely outfit!

h.tea said...

That ring on your left hand, middle finger is amazingggggggggggg!! I love rings but am really reluctant about buying them if they cost more than $5 ... LOL!

Fernroro said...

Ooo~ Nice rings!! :D

Nice outfit too! I haven't worn blazers with shorts in ages~ Kinda hesitant because the only blazer I own cost $400 and I'm scared to casually wear it out in case I spill something on it..Zzz so wasteful =3="
I should stop being so paranoid LOL

Cáti said...

lovely blog :)
I'll follow, would you like to follow back?

Anoush-K said...

All the best : )

xoxo A.