March 25, 2011

First attempts

The sky was really nice this afternoon. My grandma saw me in the front yard and came out to ask me what I was taking photos of while ignoring the gigantic mass of pink and orange clouds above her head. Oh and since the sky was so pink, I hereby deem this day as Nina Appreciation day! Hopefully this'll make her feel better since she accidentally formatted her computer the other day which means that all the disgusting candid photos she took of everyone are now gone forever! I can now live peacefully without the fear of blackmail.

Sorry for not blogging for a week. I'm just running really low on inspiration lately so feel free to give me some via comments/formspring. This whole week was a gigantic ball of stress that everybody wanted to slam into a wall multiple times and rip to shreds using a pitchfork. I don't understand how I'm going to survive the next three (or was it two?) weeks of school. I still have assignments for health and art due in the next fortnight ugh /facedesk. What makes me hate school even more right now is that private ones had their last days of school today. TODAYYYY. The nine day holiday after this better be amazing asdjkahsdjkh.

Anyway, away from complaining about school~ I was at home today and decided to do something minimally productive so here's a simple outfit that some people were requesting a week ago or so. Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie said...

Omg! The sky in Sydney was so mesmerising today too and I was planning on taking photos but my camera died on me! The images look great and so does your outfit ^_^

h.tea said...

Lovely captures :)

I love it when the sky is pink-ish orangey :D SO PRETTY!

I like the details on your top from Cotton On :)!

Fernroro said...

ohh such pretty pictures :D !!

nice outfit too :)

Melody said...

Your photos are gorgeous <3 and loveee it when the sky is that colour *-* <3 heh

And good luck with school :( blergh.

stephanie said...

i love the scenery pictures :D !