March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan ♥

I went out for Melisa's 16th dinner party yesterday! I saw her and practically tackled her because I missed her so much. It sucks because we pretty much only see each other every 10 weeks or so because of school ugh. Anyway, we went to a pretty little Korean restaurant and pretty much took up half of the place. I don't have much to say about it apart from the fact that the food was amazing and that their chicken curry was to die for askdjask. I'm hungry now TT

Oh yeah by the way, when the dinner was over and everybody was walking back to Queen street, this random guy with a cool European accent walked up to all of us and was like..

Guy: Why are there so many pretty asian girls in one area tonight?

Sarah: It's a birthday party

Guy: Oh who's the birthday girl?

*everyone points to Melisa*

Guy: *throws arms into the air* I'M THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT ;););)

And before I go, here's a photo of the maxi dress that Alice convinced me to get after five minutes of staring at it. It's from Foxx Foe for anybody wondering! Hope you have nice night ♥


Fernroro said...

Cute photos xD
that European guy sounds cool :P hahaha! What a good birthday present ;D ;D LOL

That cake looks yummy! ;A; And I'm really hungry right now.

That's a nice maxi dress! ^^ I would be too paranoid to wear it out because its all white. xD

h.tea said...

gorgeous girls (;

haha! that guy is cuuute!

Tam said...

haha what an awesome present to hae a guy with sexy european accent. She is so young! I miss being 16. The max dress is so grecian like :)

Julie said...

That dress is lovely! ^^

gillynguyen said...

Omfg, pretty Sarah & pretty friends LOL. :)

xfionanaa said...

werweofipdfs holy crap that dress <33333333333

KANI said...

funniest pick up line ever!

Yak Man said...

weijo, what a lovely maxi dress!

Purple-Munkey said...

you girls are such cuties ♥
love your photos! follow :)

Melody said...

LOL at the awkward guy loololl! and woahhh nice editing on the dress *-* <3

Francesca said...

Gorgeous photos. Especially of the dress. I'm hoping Japan will be okay :( lovely blog though :) x