February 26, 2011

To a certain extent

*edit: Melody just pointed out that she didn't understand the photo above and I realised that some other people wouldn't as well so um it's just Adrii being a creeper as usual LOL*

Hello hello. Sorry for not blogging all of this week but there's nothing really worth typing about plus I'm about to be drowned in exams/assignments which are due in the next fortnight so yeah~ sorry.

Adrii, Dora and Lice came over today so I could take more photos for art. I put aeroplane falsies (that's what Alice calls them since they're so thick) on all of them and we went to the top of my hill as per usual. About 10 minutes in, these old men honked their horns and waved at Dora. I don't blame them, I guess LOL.

Far out. Why is everybody so ridiculously pretty *rips face off*

We brought a mat so Dora could sit on it while we were near the grassy area but didn't end up using it so Adrii was using it as a cape and getting the most exercise she's probably had in ten years while yelling I'M SUPERMAN.

Anyway, before I go, yesterday I hit 100 Blogger followers and I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who reads srhtrng.blogspot.com. All the comments I get from people make my day and I have no words to explain how much I appreciate it :) I love all of you so much ♥


Melody said...

Firstly, Congrats on the 100+ followers ^___^" <3

And eeee, your photos are always so nicee and I'm so jealous of your friends who get to be in your photoshoots hehe. I want to take photos with you one day x) ! <3 Mm but yes, I really like the behind shot of the heart photo thing!

Ps. I'm kind of confused with the first picture looll!

h.tea said...

"Far out. Why is everybody so ridiculously pretty *rips face off*"

Congatulations on 100 followers :) You're such a wonderful blogger <3

Anonymous said...

How do you edit your photos? On photoshop, but what tools?

Wunmi W-A said...

this all looks soooooo fun... I love the picture quality!!


che said...

Congrats on 100 followers!

You three look amazingly cute and it looks like you had a great time, makes me miss my best girlfriends from back home.

Phoebe said...

Love these pictures :) x

Anonymous said...

why are all of you so prettyy ;~;

Anonymous said...


May said...

Gives me more inspiration for my photography, with ma new 550D;D you said you were jealous of me, member? ;D

gillynguyen said...


Julie said...

You and your friends are all so pretty! I also love your photographs. They are so radiant and soft :D

P.S- Congrats on the 100 followers!
Your blog is very inspiring ^^

Honeybee said...

You guys are all so beautiful and your photography is absolutely amazing! You're so talented Sarah! :D And haha wow the falsies look amazing, especially on Sandra :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing <3 !

Fernroro said...

Everyones so pretty!!! :D

I wish my photos were pro like these D: lol!

Yak Man said...

wauw! Lovely photos :)