March 7, 2011

Distant shadows

I look like a raccoon right now. Far out, I can't believe I have six weeks to go until what? A short little 7 day holiday. Asjkahsdjah so, I spent the weekend studying at SLQ with some of the girlies and it went pretty well I guess. This is pretty much what we were like for 70% of the time we were there:

We ran into Shelley while we were at SLQ and she made everyone go off task by luring us into watching crappy singing videos and taking really disgusting photos on her laptop. After she got bored she compensated by giving us free tutoring. She's actually a really good tutor if anybody's interested :D

We took a look around at suitcase rummage as well on Sunday and it kinda disappointing to be honest. Incase some of you didn't know, my friends and I pulled out from selling last minute so yeah~I walked around the place for almost an hour and all I found were some bangles and two jackets which aren't really photo worthy. A lot of the people selling ended up selling their stuff for 50c and lower by the end of the day because they were so tired ;(

-insert random photo to show how windy it was- Alice nearly got blown away while we were walking across the bridge LOL. Oh, and before I go, I'd like to congratulate Dora for having her photo on the home page of *wild applause*

ps/ sorry for such a badly structured post and goodluck to the people who have exams and assignments to do soon ♥


gillynguyen said...

Omg. Why are your photos so pretty in every post. LOL. Such a bright, blue sky :O

Julie said...

You look pretty! :)
& it seems like you have nice, outgoing and bubbly friends ^^

Anonymous said...

is that istitchyoubitch ?

Adrii said...

^'s Michelle.

Anna said...

What do you mean badly structured post. This is totally amazing. I LOVE your pictures!