November 4, 2010

I had my trade fair today for BOM which didn't go as well as I had hoped but it was still pretty fun. Period two was hilarious. Five or six people (including me) were just standing at the front of the classroom where the power points were to straighten our hair for BOM. Our teacher even asked us to straighten her fringe for her LOL.When period three started, Linda, Mikaela and I all rushed down to g-block to get a good spot. It was actually one of the last down the hallway but we still got heaps of attention, luckily.

Here are some photos from the trade fair taken by Adrii. There's not many since most of them are on Mikaela's camera (I'll dedicate a post to photos from the trade fair tomorrow probably). Just think of these as a sneak peek I guess? :)

I put glitter eyeliner on Mikaela and Linda to ensure that we sparkled.

Today was one of the rare days where Linda and I forced Mikaela to put her hair down. Gorgeous, yeah?


Anonymous said...

what is snake off?

Sarah said...

It was a product idea a group of friends made which was meant to repel snakes so that they don't bite you :3