November 17, 2010

I went out with Adrii and her family for her birthday yesterday. They took me to Sunnybank Buffet Gardens which was actually pretty empty. Adrii and I ate like beasts. We were so hungry that the food there actually tasted good for once ._. We went to camwhore in the toilets and it was so creepy >>" First we were in the disabled toilets and the hand drier randomly went off. Later we went to the actual female toilet and there was a bell noise (lol, I thought of the kitty from the grudge).

HEHEHEH ONLY ANOTHER SEVEN DAYS OF SCHOOL BEFORE I'M ON HOLIDAYS. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy even though I probably sounded like a dying horse during my presentation for english today. I'm so happy. I'm so happy.

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