November 9, 2010

I was looking around on the files at school today and found a photo from my digital art class a few weeks ago when the teacher was showing people how to light draw. Since I realised I haven't really used my dslr properly for a while I thought I should do some light drawing as well :)

I experimented with a two different things this time unlike last time when I just used a plain white torch.

So first I used an app which I downloaded for my phone. It's called Magic Light and just makes my screen flash random colours. They gave off a really nice gradient in the photos :3

The second thing I experimented with was my galaxy projector! The projector isn't really that bright so the camera only caught some of the light which is why the light streams are so thin.

Btw, I was looking through my stash of videos for this year so far and uploaded one which I found amusing for some reason. When me sister sees this, she is going to flip LOL.


Anonymous said...

how do you do those words?
can you do it on a canon digital camera?

Sarah said...

You just hold a light and write words in the air. You can do long exposure photography on any camera that lets you control the shutter speed but um.. yeah I don't think many digital cameras have that option ><

Anonymous said...