November 24, 2010

BOM class 2010. This was my favourite class of the semester :3

Happy 15th birthday Sandragonfly!
I hope you're having a great day you adorable boy. I enjoyed wrapping your hair around your face today and I'm sorry for using your new roller perfume on Khang's hairy arm LOL ♥

Fine arts: Didn't do anything that productive. I spent 20 minutes of the lesson scanning in people's creations from the art workshop and looking at goldfish. I want some now :(
Chemistry: The class watched this dvd about the 'invisible world'. It basically took everyday scenarios and slowed them down so that you could see what was actually happening. LIKE THIS:

English: Listened to more oral presentations.
Digital art: I have never been so stressed for someone else in my lyfe. Khang, Adrii and I thought that it was only our journals that were due today but it was actually our whole project. Luckily I finished a week prior to this but Khang and Adrii hadn't even started ._. I couldn't help Adrii do anything because she didn't have her photographs with her so I helped Khang instead. I spent half an hour rushing to get his project done while he did this theory TT I don't even understand how it took half an hour to do when it looked so dodgy in the end sigh. I'll take photos of them if I remember to next lesson.

(When was the last time I did a post when I talked about my school day and lessons?)

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