October 29, 2010

I am currently on an Angela Anaconda marathon thanks to Adrii reviving my love for it :3

I've been waiting this entire week for Bandanna Day just so I could tie everyone's bandannas into massive bows and stick them onto their heads LOL. All of the people I put a bow on today suited it so well! I'm going to apologise in advance for the different quality in all of these photos because I scabbed them from about four people n_n There are quite a few gross one here :s Oh well LOL, for the memories!

I learnt to make the bows from Cheeserland.com! Click here for the tutorial.

Khang the pretty girl and Pong the pretty boy

Wowwwww, we look like those girls in Japan who wear the massive bows on top of their head on a daily basis hahaha.

I ♥ the gif of me and Dora :D I'm handing out resumes in hope of getting a job tomorrow TT Wish me luck.

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