November 30, 2010

What up! Went out early in the morning to meet up with Dora and Khang to watch HP7. It was actually really scary wth? Dora and I were curled up into a ball while Khang was just chillin' since he already knew what was going to happen from reading the books. After the movie we met up with Adrii to go buy some fairy lights and sparklers (LOL Dora called them sprinklers) from the Reject Shop to take photos with later.

Adrii and Dora came home with me and I kid you not we took photos for two hours . I cbf to upload all of them tonight so I just uploaded the best ones :)

I ♥ U
Best photo of the night.

Deathly Hallows
In celebration of Harry Potter (8


Sarah, Sandra, Adrii
The fairy lights added a really nice incandescent glow to the photos. We look innocent, yes?

Adrii Tran, Sandra Finow

Sarah Truong, Sandra Finow
My personal favourite. Thank you to Adriitography.

Sarah Truong, Sandra Finow

By the way guys, if you haven't seen it in my profile section already, I've started to upload my photos to Flickr because the photos look a lot sharper. Here's the direct link

We're going on another photography trip tomorrow around our school tomorrow so hopefully that'll go well. Sorry for updating so late tonight! ♥ Sweet dreams everyone.

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gilly said...

Love the photos :3