November 26, 2010

So yeah.. this is my so called Christmas layout. I think it looks pretty nice but it doesn't look very 'Christmassy' LOL. If you squint and stare for a while, you can see snow. I'm trying to find a code where it'll make the snow more obvious so bare with me for the mean time.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. I need to tweek some colours and measurements. Hopefully it'll look a bit better when the Kia ad finishes and the clashing colours go >: asdklasjd something's missing.

Anyway, today was my last day of year 10 and I am excited to be reunited with sleeping in until 10 every morning.

Post edit 26/11 - 10:40 PM: I took off the snow because it was lagging people.
Post edit 27/11 - 5:35 PM: I don't like the layout anymore - -"


denise kim said...

nice lay O: but the snow thing lags my browser S:

Sarah said...

Okay fuck this I'm removing the snow :( Thanks for letting me know.

Adrii said...

i lube this layout

shantelx said...

Miscellaneous tab doesn't work :O Or maybe it's just me >>

So so pretty :)

joey said...

LOL.. I was squinting my eyes and staring for snow and I couldn't see any, so I thought I was blind.. Squinted more, stared longer .. still nothing

Scroll down .. and see you edited it with it saying "removed snow"


Anonymous said...

I miss the rotating pictures :)

Anonymous said...

nice layout :D yeah the tab doesn't work for me like shantel said.

Anonymous said...

beautiful (:
could you follow mine?
i don't mind if you don't want
but i love your bloggy

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I fixed the Misc. tab so that should be okay now

@Anonymous 6:59 PM
Yeah me too :( Maybe that's whats missing.

@Anonymous 11:26 PM
What's your link?

Umi Amirah said...
btw, you are so pretty (:
i like your header before
a picture of you and sandra
and i dont have follow link on my blog. use the manual way (:

Honeybee said...

Sarahhh :) I think this layout is pretty. I was staring at the page for ages looking for the snow too, haha. Then realized you removed it D: Hope you are enjoying your holidays, beautiful. Haven't commented in a while so I thought I'd say hi! n_n

Sarah said...

I was wondering where you've been :3 I wanna change the layout lol. The more I look at it, the more I hate it -_-

gilly said...

omggg :) haven't read these in ages cus of my damn net. love your new layout :D & pretty photos below (Y)!