October 24, 2010

I went to a family party last night and it was alright I guess :3 It's amusing for me because the guy who invited my family is also my doctor/gp; So I get to see him as a professional and when he's drunk LOL.

For the first half of the party the usual cousins and I were just eating and laughing out heads off over random stuff before we realised that the we were being louder then the adults. Two hours later that switched as we went into the kids toy room and they cranked up the Vietnamese karaoke >:

Tony spent the night farting on everyone and showing how his ass is double jointed. He can tense only one asscheek at a time wtf? LOL It was like really buff pecks on his ass. Okay here are some photos.

Tony trying on my sisters boot LOL

I really like these photos. The room we were in made them look pretty awesome.

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m said...

LOL! @ your doctor