October 2, 2010

Today was one of the best days this holidays to go to the Gold Coast readers. I mean seriously, look at this sunshine LOL. Okay no.

I went to WetnWild with Alice, Dora and Grace today. I woke up at about 8 and was really happy because it was full on sunny but then by 10am or so it was dreary :\ Today was actually pretty good when it wasn't raining. We spent probably like 40% of the time in the souvenir shop because it was really warm and dry :D Okay here are photos and I'll tell you about them on the way. By the way, my camera made the day look really sunny and IT. WAS. NOT. SUNNY. AT. ALL.

Dora wore jeans today (wtf?). Then Alice, Grace and I kept laughing at her so she jumped into the back of my car while my parents parked it to change into her shorts, which kinda look like diapers here LOL.

Just for the facials :3

Me getting a spray on tattoo thing that they had there. They're cheap and look pretty real when you brush the powder off. Alice got a batman symbol and Dora got a rose with a cool design around it!

SK! It looks pretty nice though I reckon the K could of had a better design.

Dora getting hers

Srh's and Alice's

Grace was being such a sped. She kept randomly opening her towel at randoms like one of those people who just randomly flash people out of no where LOL

We had this sundae before we left. May I say, the food at theme parks is unbelievably overpriced. Wtf I paid $4 for a bottle of water =="

This dogtag machine is loveeeee! You pay $5 and you can put in a custom message. It's so cheap and looks really nice.

All of our dogtags. I showed Adrii the one I got for her (the one that says without and doubt undoubtedly) and she chucked the biggest spaz and said she was smiling at the screen (:


Anonymous said...

lol wow grace poses so nicely :D *in the last pic

Anonymous said...

Can you do a review on the Pure Rung series for next time you actually do another review? :)

Anonymous said...

wow alice doesn't look so short in these photos.. :O

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 4:50 PM
Yeah I know right!

@Anonymous 5:20 PM
I will consider it, they look nice n_n

@Anonymous 6:28 PM
LOL yeahh :)

alicee said...

Are you implying that I'm short irl ? F YOU. Loljk, I luv u <3

Sarah said...

You are. LOL HAHA :D