October 14, 2010

I thought I should post something short to get rid of the wetnwild post that seems to be chewing up a lot of loading time for my blog. First up a photo for the anon who asked for a photo of me with my hair up. As a bonus, Alice is in it too :D

Oh and here's my art homework. It's pretty simple but I thought it turned out pretty nicely once I took a photo and edited the colours.

To be honest I'm not enjoying digital art as much as I thought I would. Ah well, might as well share what I'm working on this semester since I need some help.

In digital art I have to make a piece of art and there's basically no boundaries. I can paint, make a sculpture, use ceramics etc. The only two rules is that it has to be related to the concept of journey, and that it has to have something digital in it.

Please leave me some suggestions in my comments or formspring and help me out.


Anonymous said...

You look nice with your hair up too :] And you're so pro at the digital art :U

Anonymous said...

Your handwriting is so neat! D:

Sarah said...

@Anonymous 6:18 PM
Daw thank you x] Usually I'd tie my hair up at the back but it was school photo day ._.

@Anonymous 6:26 PM
It looks neat there but if you look at my school books it's friggen horrible LOL.

Anonymous said...

Do a mixed media piece that integrates photography into it. Like the artwork itself doesn't have to convey a whole image, but maybe a part/element of it. You can use a wild array of mediums in this with pices of photography so it should work :)

Sarah said...

Yeah, I was planning to do something like that possibly. It's just that I have no idea what to do specifically >: Thanks for the suggestion!