October 28, 2010

This post is just an update on my BOM assignment. For those of you who don't know, my assignment was to create a product as a group and to be able to advertise it at the trade fair. The trade fair is a where the two BOM classes of the semester get together and steal a section of the school for half the day to present all of their work :D If you don't get it then dw, I'll be blogging about it next Thursday!

Linda, Mikaela and I have already finished all of our posters, name tags, brochures etc and a week from now we'll be presenting it along with everyone else!! I'm so excited 8D

My group's product is basically a swiss army knife, but instead of all the knives, there are makeup products to replace them. We named it Mylara and YESSSS I know it sounds like malaria so don't point it out please TT Here's a sneak peak of some of the stuff that's been finished.

Packaging!! You guys have no idea how tedious and time consuming these little boxes were -_-

Business cards, brochure and poster.

Okay this last part is just for the people who read my blog and go to my school. This year, the teachers have decided to make the trade fair a competition so if you guys happen to be on the upper campus of school, please come during lunch time and look for Mylara's area to vote for us :D


Anonymous said...


Honeybee said...

They look amazing :) That must have been a whole lot of work :o My legal studies class got to visit the trade fair last semester during class. It looked really awesome. Would love to see it again, in fact, I'll come and vote for you guys 8D

Sarah said...

Thank you! I'm really proud of it x]


Honeybee said...

Omg hahahahaha. I forgot about that D: How do we vote? Do we have to go up to your stand and vote for you guys or is there like, a general voting box in the middle of the place where we vote for whoever? :D

Sarah said...

I have no idea LOL They haven't told us yet TT