August 12, 2010

Went out for Alice's birthday thing today. It was cold and windy ): Went to Ekka at night with Adrii and Tuan to take photo's for my photography portfolio for school. Not bothered typing very much at all today because there's a fair few photos to upload. I took quite a lot of videos today too. I'll upload them tomorrow maybe.

Our tree :)

Here come the couples!

Beautiful cake that was made from scratch by Pennie!

Alice stabbing the cake.

For those of you who can't tell what that pink thing is, it's a g-string from Courtney and Vanny LOL.

This third-wheeler.

Spin the bottle dare!

Sarah: Hi, can I have your number? ;)
Random: And why is that? o_o
Sarah: I'm playing truth or dare with my friends.
Random: I'm sorry I don't think my partner would appreciate that D:

First family photo :D:D:D:D which I look horrible in.

The last photo was taken with Tuan's DSLR. I really want to invest in one >';

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