August 21, 2010

I wasn't going to blog today but then I found something to write about :D I was going through photos from my last year of primary school (split fringe days!) and found some stuff which I thought other people might find interesting. I went to East Brisbane State School which is a really tiny school which had about 200-300 students in 2007. It was connected to the Gabba so our school had the privilege of using it on our sports carnivals which was pretty awesome.

This is a Christmas present I got from a friend who was a year younger than me. I was really happy about it until he told me that it was from his deceased grandmother ._.

Okay so.. I know most primary schools in their last year get to go to NSW for a camp or whatever but since my school was small and didn't have the money, we went to a lawn bowls club which was like a 10 minute walk from the school. You guys jealous?

In this photo are my year levels senior shirts! We didn't have the fancy collared shirts like all the other schools have. The shirts don't even match our school colour wtf LOL. The year level that graduated before us had nice collared ones but they were blue and white (the school colours were green and gold).

I left most of my head uncovered so you can see my wonderful hair :) This was at district athletics. My school was small enough that I actually qualified for this -_- I think I competed in the second heat and came forth.

The courtyard of my school! In that photo is basically the year 1-5's. It's this pretty recent tradition they do for all the seniors that graduate.

Daw, I miss my tiny school now >':


Anonymous said...

dont cover your face!
can you post a picture of yourself in year 7?
i wanna see your face this time!

Sarah said...

LOL.. My face hasn't changed much at all. Just my hair.