August 11, 2010

Hi everyone! I was meant to post up my first contact review today but it turns out I have to go to a cousins house for a fambam party so I don't really have time to put in the detail I wanted to. I'm really sorry and I promise tomorrow's post will be long because I have Alice's party and possibly Ekka to blog about. For the mean time if you guys are bored, you can flick through the pages of my tumblr :)

Oh and, I don't know how long this has been there but I just noticed it today. One of the builders who are helping fix my bathroom left a note in the dust that was covering the wall. My sister and I smiled like crazy over this. It's the little things that count, eh?


Anonymous said...

aw luuke its you and khang doing
cute-baby faces. aw!

hobidyho said...

you and khang look like such innocent 5 year olds in that picture xD

Sarah said...

@Anonymous & hobidyho

cho mudda said...

CUTEST THINGS EVUUUUURRRRRR. you guys look like brothers and sisters who really really love each other :3 IT'S SO EFFING CUUUUUUUTE. you shall be my babies :D!

Sarah said...