August 17, 2010

Today is my dearest ALEMINƎM'S BIRTHDAY! and in celebration of that boy's birthday I have decided to do a best friend survey dedicated to her. Best wishes and I love you!

What is your best friend's name?
Alice Huang

How long have you known them?
Since 2008

How did you meet them?
I think it was back in the Bebo days but then we started getting close when I began to like Khang :3

How old are you? What is the age difference between you two?
I'm 15 and it's her 15th today! Our age difference is 23 days.

How far away do you live from your best friend?
I think something like more than half an hour away.

When was the last time you saw them?

What was the worst fight you got into with them?
I don't think I've fought with her yet

What do you pick on them about?

What does your best friend pick on you most about?
Same answer as the question above

What is the most trouble you ever got into together?
I don't remember :o

What music interests do you have in common?
Eminem :D Though she's more of a fanatic than I am ._.

Who are some of the friends you share in common?
Most friends

What do you admire physically about your best friend?
Her height

What personality traits do you admire about them?
Ability to scab food with superb agility

How do they motivate and encourage you?
She tells me to man up or else she'll punch me in the face

Do you feel more or less close to your best friend than in the past?
Way more close

What things do they do that make you worry about them?
Fall over flat ground

Are they generally shyer or more extroverted than you?
She's really shy and quiet. Barely says a word

Do you trust them with you deepest secrets?

Has this person ever betrayed you?
Never ever ever


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Anonymous said...

is alice your only bestfriend ?

Sarah said...

Nope :]

Anonymous said...

About the part where the girl does not appreciate her boyfriend, is this someone you know?

Sarah said...

Yeah? ;x