August 30, 2010

Today was a good day for me. I was listening to the radio this morning in the car whilst on the way to school and heard a promotional thing on the radio. Anyone with my name got free boost omg :D LOL Here is my mango tango crush in all it's glory:

In the evening I went out with Tuan to borrow his dslr and shoot stuff for my conceptual and technical folio of work for digital art. The photos actually turned out pretty nice :) Here's some of the photos from tonight. Oh and, the quality is just bad on this post because I reduced it to save memory :P

This is actually a photo of the ferris wheel at Southbank.

The first two shots are for my conceptual photo, hence the long exposure. I'm meant to show a sense of journey in my photos so I thought light trails would've been the easiest thing to do (: Took this while Tuan was trying to spit on cars LOL.

SPARKLE! I've been wanting to take a photo like this in so long. I don't know why but I'm quite obsessed over photos that look like this. Oh and, it's Spring tomorrow, finally :D


Jonathan said...

The first and last shots are pretty hot.~

You have a good eye~ Keep it up !

Honeybee said...

Oh my gosh! Your photography is absoloutly amazing Sarah!! :D Did you get taught the techniques in how to take those types of photos, like that sparkly one and the one of the road and city lights? What camera did you use? Sooo beautiful :D

Sarah said...


Hello again and thank you! :D Tuan taught me how to take the road ones and I played with the camera and figured out myself how to take the sparkly ones. I can't remember the exact model tbh, just remember that it was a Canon EOS. ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow, your photos are beautiful :). Did you edit them? Like the lines of light on the road? lol

Sarah said...

Thanks! No I didn't :) I used a setting on a camera so the shutter speed was slower and captured light trails. I only edited the lighting!

Anonymous said...

did you have to show your id card so they knew you werent faking your name was sarah? lol

Sarah said...

Yep :)