August 9, 2010

Hello :) ! So, just a little house keeping to start off today's blog. The Nuffnang poll is gone and after a collaboration of 100+ votes it is decided that I will begin doing contact reviews sometime soon :)! Also, along with the addition of the older/newer posts thing I have added a facebook like button to the end of each of my posts so please like away x)

I went to the Valentino Retrospective exhibition at GOMA this afternoon with Khang but I couldn't take any photos so yeah. Some of them were quite odd but some were genuinely pretty! This was my favourite:

Oh! If any of you remember about me blogging about how I was going to do a certificate at Billy Blue college, when I saw the person at school there were a few other options. I decided to try to get into a certificate III photography course at Metropolitan South. The lady said that I might not be able to do it though because it's pretty popular.. :\ so yah, if that doesn't work out then Billy Blue it is. Bubye.


Anonymous said...

oh damn, your blog seems so advanced with the fb likes and stuff (: gossip girl is the best! and how much is it to get in the valentino? and sorry if im asking too many questions but how many pairs of contacts do you have? :D

Sarah said...

Aw! and I KNOWWWWW I haven't watched season 3 yet D:

It costs $10 to get in as a secondary student and I currently have three pairs! Two grey; one pink.

Don't worry about asking too many questions, I love to answer :)!

Honeybee said...

Sarahrahrah <3 OMG I loveee Gossip Girl, the books are really addictive and suprisingly, the TV show is even more amazing. I love what they wear, aye n_n

And haha I agree with the person who said that your blog is so advanced, it is soo beautiful and pro 8D If it's okay, would you be able to tell me how to get that 'post a comment' link on each post, Sarah? (:

Sarah said...

Nice to see you back again Honeybee <3 and yeah I know their clothes are love! Ooh, I answered this question on my formspring so I'll just copy and paste it here :3

Hope to hear from you again some time soon mysterious Honeybee :)

Honeybee said...

Ooh thankyou Sarahhh (: And aww, that's so sweet :D I always read your blog though, I lovvee it and you seem like such a wonderful person aye, haha :D So even if I don't comment, know that I'll still be reading ;)

Sarah said...

:$ <3