August 3, 2010

I hope people reading noticed the poll on my sidebar. I know it's not very aesthetically pleasing but it'll help me know a little more about what people like me to blog about. If you guys don't really care about whether I do contact reviews or not then don't bother :) If you genuinely would like me to then go ahead and click yes; if you really don't want me to for whatever reason then click no. Thank you! ♥

So.. since I was literally dying from cramps yesterday, Linda and I got into this big discussion about the female menstruation cycle 8)

First of all, if there are any guys reading this. YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA. HOW. LUCKY. YOU. ARE. TO. NOT. GET. PERIODS. You will never ever ever EVER understand the pain or annoyance women have to go through :@

It's so inconvenient. Linda was going on about how the government should fund women with money to pay for their pads/tampons and I strongly agree. Pads are getting expensive these days (well actually, what isn't --") and my family saves money by buying mass amounts of pads when they go to Vietnam at the end of every year -_-

What's also really annoying is having to carry pads/tampons around in little makeup bags. It's not annoying because of the weight or anything.. It's because eventually someone who goes through your bag is like "Aw this bag is cute *opens* D: . . . *closes*"

Okay no more I feel like I'm just rambling and no one agrees TT LOL bye.


Anonymous said...

where did you get that white top and bangles? o:

Sarah said...

The one from when I went UQ? The top is from Cotton On and the bangles from Diva ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I hate how you have to secretly carry them around with you to the toilet. And i cant begin to imagine how much money you would save if you didnt have to buy them lol.

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

and if you like needa go and yeah.. and you start to go into the toilet then all of a sudden your friend goes "Oh do you want me to hold your bag for you?" you'd be like *damn*

Sarah said...

Aw really? My group of friends is friggen hilarious. They yell out loudly asking if anyone has pads if they need one LOLOL.