July 2, 2013

Travel Diaries - Melbourne: Day 07

Noooo! Where on earth did my week go!? Jason and I are sadly flying back to Brisbane tomorrow night. We have to wake up early (well, early for us) to check out in the morning so excuse the lack of words. Not like there are ever that many anyway :P Oh, and though this is very much overdue, here are some photos of our apartment. We stayed at Metro on Bank Place and paid $500 each for a one bedroom apartment over seven nights. The location is super convenient and I would definitely recommend it to anybody trying to score a budget room.

Seriously going to miss this bathroom. It had the best lighting ever :'(

My sad attempt at making breakfast for Jason because he was too tired to go out early

The rest of the day was pretty much spent visiting Hosier Lane and Harbour Town. We walked over to Cost Co as well but got turned around at the entrance because you actually need a membership card to enter the store wtf!? How exclusive.

I have no idea how fashion bloggers do this on a weekly basis

I found Adrienne!!

Aileen was lovely enough to entertain us and invite us out to dinner at Port Melbourne. She took us to Bay One O One and the atmosphere was incredible! The food had a bit of a quirky taste but hey, I'm always up for something new. 

Iced chocolate 

Gnocchi sorrentina 

Ravioloni burro and salvia 

Lasagne al forno 

White chocolate pizza - favourite part of the dinner!!!

Nutella calzoncino 

And this brings us to the end of my Melbourne trip series!! We have another half day here tomorrow but we'll probably just spend it wandering around Chapel Street again to squeeze in some last minute shopping. I hope these posts have kept you entertained and that all of you are well. Don't be surprised if I disappear for a while after I land in Brisbane. I've got 9 hour shifts starting at 8am the day after I get back for three days in a row eep! xo, s. 

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Tharangni Sivaji said...

that last photo had me droooooooooling!!!! and yes! I enjoyed (and enjoy) reading your blogposts!!! :D