July 18, 2013

Photo & caption update XXI

I drove a car for the first time today and within the first five seconds of putting my foot on the accelerator, I ended up on the island of a roundabout. As a result, I would like to take a moment to appreciate everybody in my life so far who has not killed me while giving me a lift somewhere - thank you. On another completely unrelated note, I will be 18 in exactly a week woohoo!! 

Twist pastry and chocolate dip from Passion Tree (not sure if that's what it's called) 

Sarah Nguyen's belated 18th!

Selfies with David in the middle of bonfire smoke

Face before work

Brought to me by the lovely Adrii and Kp 

Brunch at Comfort at my Table with Billy, Mel and Jason

Banana bread with housemade ricotta 

One pan fry up

Iced chocolate 

Eggs benedict 

Tried Theobroma in Brisbane and was pretty disappointed compared it to the one in Melbourne. The menu costs a bit more and doesn't have the frappe Jason and I fell in love with!

Brunch at Kitchen Sanitarium with Jiwon 

Mango smoothie 

Homemade gnocchi - absolutely loved this!

Avocado ciabatta

Le Bon Choix 

12 layers of chocolate with mint jelly 

I hope all of you are having a great week! xo, s. 

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