July 28, 2013

18 x 3

Hi lovelies :) I would like to begin by saying thank you to all of the lovely people who sent me birthday wishes. I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday thrice in one week so it's safe to say that I was spoilt to death. Warning you now that there are a billion photos in this post!

Shelley had to ruin everything and leave on the same day as my party so we had a small shindig the night before I turned 18. We started off the night with Ahmets (always a guaranteed crowd pleaser) before heading off to San Churro so I could redeem my birthday voucher for free churros!!

My all time favourite dish from Ahmets - chicken shish


Mixed grill platter

Sucuk pide

Salted caramel macarons mmmm

Free birthday churros for two just the way I like it - half and half sugar with two milk chocolate dips

Thank you Sandra, Nina, Shelley, Aileen, Phong and Hayley!! xoxo

On my actual birthday I spent the day with Jason. He came over around midday to deliver my birthday gift and oml he is so lucky I didn't shake the box. I would like to introduce all of you to my new family member, Bobbi!!!

He's currently 8 weeks old and the tiniest little budgie I've ever seen! More photos of him to come in the passing weeks after he's made himself more at home incase I spook him with my camera.

I felt like being a little fancier than usual so Jason and I had our first fine dining experience together down at Eagle Street Pier. I made reservations at Bistro One Eleven for dinner because their menu was slightly more affordable and holy damn, if any of you guys decide to go then you have to try the wagyu steak. I literally had no words for it when I took a bite out of Jason's and pretty much just sat their speechless trying to comprehend what I'd just put into my mouth. Arguably one of the most delicious things I've had in my life!

Super duper dolled up

My grilled quail, potato gnocchi, sauteed mushrooms and peas (loved this as well). Jason's 200g wagyu bavette steak, smoked paprika butter and fries.

After dinner we took a short walk over to Alchemy. I wish so badly that we could've eaten dinner there because it's apparently amazing but their menu is a bit far out of my budget so we compensated by just having some dessert there instead!

Gorgeous view of the river - their two seater tables are set up so that nobody has their back facing the view

I ordered my first cocktail - number three on their house cocktails list consisting of tia maria, baileys, kahlua, choc triple sec and milk.

Demonstration of their gastronomic nibbles! A chef comes out and pours liquid nitrogen into a dish before throwing three types of mini desserts in for you to try. I had honeycomb, sorbet and gelato.

So freaking cool!! I missed the photo where he looked like a dragon because it was coming out of his nose HAHA

Poached vanilla pears with milk parfait, frozen chocolate foam and red wine ice cream - absolutely loved every bit of this dessert!

Jason's caramelized banana with candied puff pastry, vanilla cream, and peanut butter gelato - didn't like this so much because I couldn't wrap my taste buds around it but oh well!

And now we are finally up to my last day of celebrations!!! Quick and simple, I had a pink and black themed party with my friends :D I got to see some high school friends who I haven't bumped into for more than half a year now and had a really, really good night. 

My three layer birthday cake made with love FROM SCRATCH by David and Sam

Thanks boys! 

Hot pinkers! 

My darling Asia

The end! Thank you again to everybody who made my 18th so lovely in every way shape and form. I love you all to death and am incredibly lucky to have you. I hope all of you guys had a great weekend! 

xo, a now of legal aged s. 

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Awww seems like you had a Great time! Your photographs are fantastic and I love your blog. -new follower-