July 10, 2013

Photo & caption update XX

How long has it been since you've seen one of these!? I've got photos from so long ago that I hardly even remember taking them. It's been almost a week since I got back from Melbourne and I'm finally getting over the withdrawal symptoms. As much as I do miss my holiday, I've got to say that I'm glad to be home. I have no idea why this happens but no matter where I go outside of Brisbane, people are always so mean to me! It makes me home sick and actually appreciate how chill and nice people in Brisbane are. 

Original, teriyaki crunch and sweet chilly avocado chicken sushi from Sukachi 

Stolen from Aileen! She was reading my blog before she boarded her plane to Melbourne

I love my girly 

Milk mont dor creme brulee hot chocolate and ferrero rocher ice cream from Chocolate Pavilion

Winter outfits 

Trying out some new things!

New hair colour from the box above - went for a very different change that didn't involve a haircut 

Early birthday gift from my parents!

Daily morning selfies with my new vanity

Daily dose of Adrii 

Flower crowns from Sportsgirl

Adorable little cards from Mombasa

Can't remember the exact name but I think it was chilli cheese chicken - from Sukachi (ty alis)

Sweet chilli chicken and cream cheese sushi from Sukachi (ty agen alis)

Dinner at Boom Boom

Selfie taken by the boy who apparently hates photos 

Pork cutlet in Korean curry sauce (a good version of what I had on my first day in Melbourne)

Hope you all had a great beginning to your week! xo, s. 


Tharangni Sivaji said...

oh my god that vanity is a dream! it's beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Loving your blog posts :)
just wondering what fonts you used for the 'before' and 'after' photos? thank you!