August 12, 2013

Photo & caption update XXII

Face from David's 

Has it really been a fortnight since I last posted!? Sorry for the huge break in between but my life has been surprisingly boring since I turned 18. Luckily for you guys, Alice turns 18 at the end of this week which means that I get to be entertained by her shenanigans and pile up my camera with photos! Today's post is kind of messy because I found a bunch of photos from the last couple of weeks (all the way back from my Melbourne trip) so please excuse the weird timeline.

I'm not sure if I've uploaded this already or not...


Full body shot of what I wore on my birthday - my face looks so wide :( 

More birthday party photos

Good old maxi skirts

Terribly made Oreo McFlurry & dinner at Grill'd

Strawberry smoothie at Movenpick

Bobbi and Xiao Bai 

Lunch at New Shanghai with Alis

So freaking cute!!

Egg head

Check out her ride

Korean BBQ at David's place

Favourite new shoes from Dotti 

Dinner dates 

And finishing with a selfie from Melbourne! 

I hope you guys all have a lovely week x, s. 

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Ice Pandora said...

That terribly made Orea flurry
looks somehow appetizing :P
Nice pictures overall! Xx