November 2, 2011

Loved dearly

Someone on my formspring suggested that I dedicate a post to some of my closest friends and since I'm really not in the mood to study, I might as well do something half useful. A lot of these people will probably be familiar if you've been reading my blog for a while now but there are some which I haven't mentioned in detail on srhtrng before. If you guys wanna see a similar post that I did about SASAS a while ago then click here!

Adrii Tran is my best friend. Since the SASAS post, the new additions of Mrs. Levine and Dario have been added to her list of nicknames. We met on the 29th of January 2008 in business and she's been the loveliest pain in my neck ever since. Her daily diet consists of Madtongsan, O!Karto chips and two cans of coffee. She will also be your best friend if you watch Veronica Mars, Friends or The Mentalist.

One reason I love her: She serenades people with the song Fuck It - Eamon.

Melisa and I have known each other since 2000 and after a long 11 years, we're planning to get engaged in 9 days. We both cried over the phone when she found out that she didn't get accepted into BSHS but I'm so glad that we're still so close now. She has the beautiful face of a porcelain doll and will be the most aggravated person on the street if she leaves the house without sunscreen on.

One reason why I love her: Her flushed cheeks makes it look like she's always blushing because of something.

I actually can't remember how I met Alice but it probably wasn't very romantic. I'm taking a shot in the dark and guessing that one of us added the other on Bebo back in the day and that it just went from there. She has the ability to rip out your guts with a simple glare and will have at least five different mood changes in the period of six hours. If you want to make her smile this year, buy her a bottle of Someday by Justin Bieber.

One reason why I love her: We have matching tuna snacks that we eat at lunch together.

I met Sandra a few years ago in geography class when her hair was barely 10cm over her shoulders and she still had a fringe. If any of you are wondering why I casually have another mattress in my room against the wall (it's the floral background in a lot of my photos), then it's because of this girl. She also has a toothbrush in my bathroom waiting for her return.

One reason why I love her: Her eyelid shakes violently when I put makeup on her

I don't know whether I'm meant to be sad or not but Salina doesn't remember the first time we met even though I remember it clearly /awkward. She's the perfect height for hugging whether we're both standing up or sitting. I think the best day we had was one at school where I picked her up, walked a metre, put her down, and then repeated the process five or six times every 10 minutes.

One reason why I love her: Her phone wallpaper is Joseph Vincent

I am so, so glad that Jihae transferred from QA. For any of you that might get a little confused, her name is also Sophia. She came off as really elegant and charming when I first began talking to her this year but over the months, she's gotten so blonde. Her laugh and the way she talks put the cheesiest smile on my face.

One reason why I love her: The way she says 'noooo' makes me want to put a bow on her and keep her forever.

Jason and Ly are my closest guy friends. I'm doing their paragraphs together because they both suck. I met Ly back in 2008 and we pretty much became bffls within the first month of school. I actually didn't know Jason existed til about half way through year 9 even though we had classes together before that /oops. Ly is my HIMYM and GG buddy. He called me fat today. Jason just loves handball, cats, cats and cats.

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Hope everyone's is well ♥ Sweet dreams!

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