November 23, 2011


All my exams that I care about are finally over and I'm free! Thanks to everybody for being so patient with me and I promise to blog more frequently over the holidays. Hopefully I did pretty well but there's not much of a chance that I would've improved from my first semester. Here's a short list of reasons why I'm not having the best day of my lift today to begin the post:

1. I had a dream where some woman came up to the changerooms at work with a gun and shot this person who was trying on a dress.

2. My back hurt when I woke up because my earphones had somehow found their way under me during the night.

3. I got ready in half an hour to go to Chermside and got cooked as soon as I left the house.

4. When I got to Chermside, I elegantly slipped and rolled my ankle in my wedges whilst trying to pull Sophia away to one side so she wouldn't walk into a woman. It's still sore.

Adrii decided to be the cutest little duckling and cheered me up by giving me a best friend necklace that had a jar of pixie dust glitter on the chain. When I got home I remembered that the stuff I ordered off Asia Fashion Wholesale (while I was on the brink of breaking down from block exams) arrived as well so that was pretty good timing yay. Here's a photo of the top, shorts and lace jacket!

Hope everyone's well and have a great night ♥


Melody said...

Ahh bad days are horrible!
I kind of also hurt my ankle today .. I was closing the garage for mum and I somehow twisted my ankle and just fell :S ! awkwardly ..

But um yes! New clothing looks good! I wish my stuff would come ;A;

A. said...

Love the white shirt in the first photograph & the skirt you're wearing on the last photo!