November 29, 2011

A dash of adorable

Oh wow, it's almost 7pm already.

To start off the post today I'd like to thank everybody for helping me reach 200 blog followers :') I love all of you buttercups to bits and I honestly can't explain how much I appreciate the fact that so many people read regularly ♥

I went to watch Breaking Dawn with some friends today and I don't think that I've ever experienced so many emotions in a single movie. The overall film was pretty good but certain parts just made me want to scream 'why the hell would you say that'. Oh, and the scene where Bella gives birth looked like a damn horror movie asldasoid. As soon as we heard the first scream, Sandra and I automatically curled up into a ball to watch the rest of it through our fingers and hair.

After the movie we went to eat at Madtongsan II (for the hundredth time this month) before heading off to GOMA. The new exhibitions are pretty cool.

This is an interactive piece where you get a sheet of circle stickers and put them where ever you want in the room. There was a whole body of work to go with this but I wasn't allowed to take any photos boo.

Salina will probably die of happiness when she sees this exhibition in real life. The adorable works are made mostly out of sugar! There was also a game where you could make your own little wonderland with characters that have your face on them.

I don't really have much else to say so I'll leave you guys with a few more photos and another thank you ♥ Hope all of you are well!

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Fern Li said...


LOLOLOL my boyfriend wants to watch breaking dawn... he downloaded it and was gonna watch it with me but im like "but...i fell asleep in Twilight! i havent seen any of them yet D:"
and he was like "ohh :( </3"
i want to watch it though lol just cbf xD