November 25, 2011

A day late

A late happy birthday to my lovely little lady, Sandra.

She had a combined party with Adrii yesterday at Karaoke/Laserforce to celebrate their 16th birthdays. It was actually a really fun day but the weather was horribly humid zzz. We somehow managed to squeeze 20+ people into three couches for an hour or so in the morning before making our way to Laserforce so we could run around and shoot each other for two interrupted hours. It was so good because we had the whole arena to ourselves for an hour and a half before another small group of people came.

Here look, I actually won a round! The red team was girls, blue team was guys and green team was the group of people who came after a while.

I'm kind of out of it today for some reason so I'll leave it here. To Alice and Grace Huang, have a safe trip to Taiwan and don't die on your way there. To the rest of you, have a wonderful weekend. ♥


Melody said...

Woo Happy Birthdayy Sandra&Adrii!

And omg laserforce! I don't think I've played that in like ages and ..I think the whole ordeal just scared me (I was like ..10) just cos it was dark and people were shooting each other ahahha.

Ice Pandora said...

Happy birthday to your friend :)
And yay for winning a round at that lasergame!


Fern Li said...

happy belated birthday to the girls! :)

i havent had a laser war in ages!
i remember i would just camp because i cbf running around LOL

ohh taiwan, im so jelly ;A; !!